NSF Phase 3 J-DSP UCy Workshop July 18, 2013 - 6 PM (Cy time) / 8 AM (AZ time) at UCy Campus

Chair: C. Pattichis
Program: C. Loizou, A. Spanias
Venue: University of Cyprus Main Campus, Computer Science and Engineering Conference Room


Introductions (C. Pattichis)
Status of J-DSP Project (A. Spanias)
A-DSP and i-JDSP in Education (Mahesh)
Sensors and Android J-DSP for Health monitoring research  (Deepta)  via Skype
Audio functions on iOS iJDSP for research (Girish)  from ASU via Skype
Update of UCy activities (C. Loizou and C. Pattichis)
Status REU and REV activities ((Paul Curtis and Vitor Weber)   from ASU via Skype
Closing remarks (A. Spanias, C. Loizou)